Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On interstitial space(s) in wunderkammer

"…I can easily believe, that there are more invisible than visible Beings in the universe. But who shall describe for us their families? and their ranks and relationships and distinguishing features and functions? What they do? where they live? The human mind has always circled around a knowledge of these things, never attaining it. I do not doubt, however, that it is sometimes beneficial to contemplate, in thought, as in a Picture, the image of a greater and better world; lest the intellect, habituated to the trivia of daily life, may contract itself too much, and wholly sink into trifles. But at the same time we must be vigilant for truth, and maintain proportion, that we may distinguish certain from uncertain, day from night…"

"If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream, and have a Voodle presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that Voodle in his browser when he awake - Aye, what then? " paraphrases Renseiw presenting one of his latetest concotions (belated wunderkammer footage, apparently)

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