Saturday, December 28, 2013

Against forgetfulness: yet another compilation

 "Brown, thick curtains: it's best when they're drawn in towards the middle, the middle of the window, a small opening in the middle, a narrow strip of light, a September-strip or an April gash, as when you plunge a knife into trouser material and rip."..."Everyday tasks: wearing yourself out trying to find something new, a new word, a new sentence, a new book."..."Why travel? Why not just stay at home, in your room, in your house, in the place you like better than any other, your own place. The familiar house, the requisite rooms in which we have gathered the things we need, a good bed, a desk, a whole pile of books."

Paraphrasing Tomas Espedal, thoughts reawaken and lose their dullness, it's a thoroughly physical experience, my thoughts brighten, and I start compiling vines again, lighter this time, up towards the fjord, the cities centre(s) and al the many bouts of flying in (or out). Slowly it dawns on me, I am happy because I am Vining; Before that I used to Voodle around, and some few would watch. These days even less do. Yet it does fullfil my sense of diary, my duty of visual naration(s), my obsessive compulsion, also this year.
With all the best wishes for a happy new year to all patalab viewers, yours  sincerely, SamR.

(vinecompilation # 4 (winter), 15'32'', 273 MB, Quicktime/mov; mpg4 version at Bliptv)

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