Thursday, October 11, 2012

just a momentary test with vimeo embed

"In a time and in a country where everyone goes out of his way to announce opinions, hand down judgements or re-clip videos after the concepts of a famous film instructor, Sam Renseiw has made a habit of biting his tongue three times before posting any new video. After the bite, if he is still convinced of what he was going to post, he posts it. If not, he keeps his videopostings shut. In fact, he spends whole weeks, months in silence."

Paraphrasing Mr. Palomar [again] Sam Renseiw posts a quite recent pataphysical body-space morphology recording (slowed)

(patafilm # 849, 03'49'', 9MB, .m4v, avaiblable at vimeo in other versions)


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