Friday, August 10, 2012

On other recapitulations

 "I feel that there is much to be said for the Celtic belief that the souls of those whom we have lost are held captive in some inferior being, in an animal, in a plant, in some inanimate object, and so effectively lost to us until the day (which to many never comes) when we happen to watch the voodle or to obtain possession of the object which forms their prison.

 Then they start and tremble, they call us by our name, and as soon as we have recognized their voice the spell is broken. We have delivered them: they have overcome death and return to share our life. And so it is with our own past. It is a labour in vain to attempt to recapture it: all the efforts of our intellect must prove futile. The past is hidden somewhere outside the realm, beyond the reach of intellect, in some voodled object (in the sensation which that voodled object will give us) which we do not suspect. And as for that voodle, it depends on chance whether we come upon it or not before we ourselves must die." 

 Indeed. Recapitulating with two new (late-spring) voodles and a quiet lumiere, Sam Renseiw resume the futile and delicate practice of free voodling.(paraphrasing Proust, again). Halted for a longer(and painful) moment by's imposed censorship, a ban recently lifted, the practice can resume for a while. (All Bliptv links now re-established again- hopefully lasting just clik on the image or the links under) (patafilm # 847, 02'58'', 64MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at ( patafilm # 848, 04'30'', 89MB, Quicktime/mov- other versions at Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features a subdued pre-catwalk commotion in kimono. (lum # 337, 01'00'', 18MB Quicktime /mov ) Amidst a snowballing cacophony of mishaps and other rather serious life-altering ocurrences during the past trimester, Sam's voodling practice will in the future need to find some conclusion(s) and hopefuly alternative hostings for posting(s)/archival. In the mean time, many, many kind greetings to all the "old" viewers. More to come. Best Sam.

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