Thursday, December 31, 2009

On forward moving in voodling

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" Having heard, or more probably read somewhere, in the days when I thought I would be well advised to educate myself, or amuse myself, or do some serious voodling, or kill time researching space(s), that when a man in a forest thinks he is going forward in a straight line, in reality he is going in a circle, I did my best to go in a circle, hoping in this way to go in a straight line. For I stopped being half-witted and became sly, whenever I took the troubleā€¦ and if I did not go in a rigorously straight line, with my system of going in a circle, at least I did not go in a circle, and that was something. "

The conclusion of this year's voodle activities raises more questions than actually presenting any reasonable answer to the actual core of my moving, obsessive-compulsive undertaking. I did, nevertheless, try to submit some plausible clarifications at some respectable institutions, here and there, at the end of the year.

Best of all was the continuous inspirations by other's works and the many, many considerate comments and dialogues underway. In random order, here are a few cross-links to important sources of inspiration during 2009: DVblog's ongoing video compilation work, and Michael's splendid, prolific & diverse production; Robert's superb video work, generous and attentive comments after joyfully scrutinising fellow vloggers works; Daniel's subdued moving amalgam of bright, minimal poetics always combining its refined visual lavishness with genuine humanistic substance and humour; Steven's razor sharp, inventive ongoing audio-visual research and near encyclopaedic knowledge; Philip's alert, canny & perceptive AV works, permanent attention, & his recent inventive "Lumiere et Son" re-makes, stretching Brittany's & Andreas' seminal project into new audio-visual territories of re-constructions. The Lumiere project and manifesto remains, to me, the most crucial investigative tool: liberation and deliberate focus, at once; Rolf and Inger's collegial Nordic voodle-mirror and didactic dedication; Loiez' delicate poesie des desir en desordres; Jimi's ongoing wave of personal, oblique video works continue to motivate me; Rupert's fine experiments in new, moving, communicative cellphone imagery and 12 seconds videobites; Gurdonark's energetic ongoing musical work, probing the generous shores and shares of web 2.0 treats; Last not least: missing Pepa's, but then enjoying Juan's new videos both featuring such fine South American focii; Many, many thanks to you all and also to the many fellow vlogers & other regular and casual visitors at Patalab. (+ not to forget:, always with superb service)

Best wishes for a happy, prosperous and fruitful new year (and new voodling decade)! Kind regards from Sam Renseiw. (patafilm # 744, 00'41'', 8MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at

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