Sunday, December 30, 2007

On feeling not being in Kansas anymore

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"These gathered voodles do not revolve around any particular subject, style or reason. They are, at their simplest, moving images. At their most complex, they are ideas that may mirror my own thoughts, may install joy and wonder, may even disturb, may worry, may be me, may be the people I know, may describe the world as it is, may describe the world as it should be, may be truths, may be half-lies, but whatever else they may be, they are images with presence, moving images that stand out from the rest when I see them, record them, montage them and then share them as voodles"

Recapitulating in pataphysical footage, the past year can be subdivided into 228 voodles, of which 15 were posted as a chronological docu-soap of "The Circle Camp", and 70 Bonus Lumiere videos, totaling more than 9,5 hours of posted video. Having given up watching television a long time ago, I plan to devote my spare time in 2008 to more voodle experiments, possibly with better equipment and the start of an indie movie.
A hearty thank-you to all viewers for gaze participating in patalab-OZ, for the many supportive comments and for the sharing of their own videos which I enjoyed very much. A special thanks to all involved in the great Pixelodeon 07 festival, to B&A for the fantastic Lumiere video project, to Gurdonark's fabulous compositions and utterly generous music sharing, to Bogdanov's continuously inspiring work posted with regular, high vlog devotion, and finally, to for marvellous services.

Best wishes for a very happy and productive new year to everybody from Sam Renseiw ! (patafilm # 554, 01'34'', 9.4MB, Quicktime/mov - Flash and other versions at

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