Saturday, November 18, 2006

On association(s) of the mundane

" There are enigmatic experiences. They have a name in all languages, but a name which in all of them also conveys signification in tufts, thickets of proper meaning and figurative meanings, so that, unlike those of science, not one of these names clarifies by attributing to what is named a circumscribed signification. Rather, they are the repeated index, the insistent reminder of a mystery as familiar as unexplained, a light that illuminates but is itself obscure. If we could rediscover within the exercise of seeing and speaking some of the living references that assign them such a destiny in a language, perhaps that would teach us how to form our new instruments and first of all to understand our research, our interrogations themselves."

In a clear and sober state of mind, Sam Renseiw sets out for a longer walk, following the mysterious young lady in red, inviting him to experience quite an incongruous urban setting at the end of the scene. Experience The Invisible Reality Show shift to the next level in Vesterbro by clicking here, or mouse in the coat above (patafilm # 299, 04'34'', 21 MB, Quicktime/mov - click for Flash version for PC)


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