Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vers La Suède: Comprenne qui voudra

Want to show your work on a local videoblog TV-show in Copenhagen? This was an open call to all wanna-be as well as professional media-makers to submit their work to the local tv-station tv-tv on the Kanal København channel. T-Vlog aims at being a direct link between the viewer and the transmission, blurring the boundaries between the two by enabling direct upload to an rss feed that goes live on tv, unmoderated. Take a filmic journey to La Suède and participate in a collective videoblog experiment to be part of the 1st T-Vlog transmission on tv-tv.

Hidden inside the BC37 Badminton hall on Amager is a Swedish-French oasis: Café La Suède. On Sunday the 14th of May, Sam Renseiw caught some typical Amager situations, compiled in a small video essay, uploaded yesterday to T-Vlog. The only requirements for participation in the project were to feature some of the context of La Suède in the video. The live tv-show is supposed to be aired on tv-tv on Thursday the 8th of June at 23:00 hrs. Tune in on Thursday or (pre)view it here.(T-vlog film, 03'04'', 13.2 MB. quicktime/mov -new large screen version here - Flash version here)


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