Monday, May 22, 2006

On Elementary repetition and rhythm

Repetition and rhythm are structural or organisational properties of an art form,pattern or design in terms of compositional elements. The reoccurrence of a design element provides continuity, flow, and dramatic emphasis. This repetition may be exact or varied and it may establish a regular beat. Visual rhythm, like audible rhythm, operates when there is an ordered repetition of elements. The look or feel of movement is achieved by repetition of elements

Every day is a good day; Thus, Sam Renseiw captured a banal piece of arduous work, continuing a disparate serial visuality, that, similar to koans, may serve as a point of concentration during other activities. What would the adequate visual response be- to the following patafilm - containing the question: "Does cobblestone pattern-laying have Vlog-nature or not?" (patafilm #174, 00'42'', 3.2 MB, mov/quicktime- Flash version here)