Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The formal structure of practice

"...It may be supposed that these operations-multiform and fragmentary, relative to situations and details, insinuated into and concealed within devices whose mode of usage they constitute, and thus lacking their own ideologies or institutions-conform to certain rules. In other words, there must be a logic of these practices. We are thus confronted once again by the ancient problem: What is an art or "way of making"?...

In order to grasp the formal structure of these practices, concealed within devices, Sam Renseiw carried out a simple video investigation, to trace the intricate forms of the operations proper to the recompositon of a space. It might concern the element of chance, located by reference to hypotheses remaining to be verified....View them here or click on the concealed device(s) above. (patafilm 129, 01'16'', 4.5 MB, mov/quicktime )