Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vexillology affairs

"PHIL 0.258. Philosophy of Law. What is law? What is the relationship of law to morality? What is the nature of judicial reasoning? Particular legal issues include the nature and status of liberty rights (the right to privacy including contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, and the right to die), the legitimacy of restrictions on speech and expression (flag burning and racist hate speech), and the nature of equality rights (race and gender). Readings include traditional, contemporary, and feminist legal theory, case studies, and court decisions. Open to first-year students. Enrollment limited to 30. Normally offered every year."

Sam Renseiw's short videoreview, focusing on current Vexillology affairs, with a fine sequence on the dilemma between free speech and moral refrain. View it here, or click on the composite above to see Daisy dance out the disturbance. ( 01'00'', 3,3MB, mov/quicktime )/ relink uodate 02.10.15

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Anonymous bogdanov said...

Salut Sam Renseiw,
J'ai pris le temps de visionner votre production !! Une partie j'imagine. Ce n'est pas Godard... mais ça demeure fascinant, performing video ou video performance ou video nomad manöver ? La video indépendante se porte bien au Québec, beaucoup de collectifs de créateurs (artist's run center) : Prim Video (Montréal), le Vidéographe (Montréal), Bande vidéo (Québec). L'expérimentation sonore est aussi très présente : Avatar (Québec) dans le complex Meduse. Vous connaissez Meduse (meduse.org) à Québec ? Nice place for artist like you !! Merci pour les magnifiques video art work ! Bogdano

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 3:25:00 am  

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