Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Untitled testimonials III

The only problems were during sequencing, when we had to do something on the Mac that would take some time. Two minutes into it, M. would ask us: "What are you guys doing that's taking so long!" - and this was just after the first few minutes. We'd tell her to go downstairs and make some popcorn or phone calls so that we could put the film together and she'd do that for about five minutes before screaming: "Come on, guys, I'm getting bored!" I had to keep things moving as fast as possible because it's one of my jobs to keep M. from losing interest in what she's doing. As far as the video went, it was getting a little melancholic by that point. Maybe I inspired videos like In This Life and Bad Girl because they were shot in a minor key..
Part 3 of Zöe Tati's cult video now on view at Patalab ! Rejoyce ! Sam Renseiw's early RZP performances retold in bold, intense testimonials. View it here, or click on the tongue above ( 03'40'' , 9,8 MB, mp4/quicktime )/ link update 02.10.15

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