Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh Moon, why are you so contemporary

"..During our sojourn in the Belgian countryside we rehearsed and watched the fog. At night we all went to the well and sang and blew saxophones and trombones until unearthly columns of reverberated sound were generated. Suddenly, the Dutch guy's prized Ziljian cymbal fell, careening down off the walls to the endless bottom - beyond the Earth's center. We froze, the Music evaporated ; afterwards we listened back to the recording and howled and tried to imagine how that amazing cymbal would ever come to life again from inside the well.."
John Cage once said: 'Oh moon, why are you so contemporary ..." Sam Renseiw obliges with a short pataphysical video exerpt. View it here or click on the harpist above ( 00'50'', 1,7 MB mov/quicktime ) / link update 02.10.15

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