Thursday, November 03, 2005

Meaningful, to talk about noise

" Some would say that it is no longer meaningful to talk about noise as something special, since we have finally reached a state in which all sounds are equal. That may be so for certain avant-garde artists and advanced listeners, but I will assert that we still hear a difference between noise and more traditional musical sounds. Noises are the sounds, which used to be denounced as non-musical. To include noise in video thus still has an effect and bears a certain aesthetic power. That power is the topic of this short film. There is a constant discrepancy between the essentially indescribable object and the attempt to verbalize and understand it. It is my hope that the following video is nevertheless able to sketch out an approach to understanding the important part noise plays in the music of today’s vlogs."

IX. tried with reasonable success. Sam R’s visual, paraphrases with some reasonable quotes, to give some insight on the topic. Enter the surprising short walk here, or branch in the picture above (click)

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