Sunday, October 30, 2005

A function of temporal succession

“ Linear causality assumes that the relation of cause and effect can be expressed as a function of temporal succession. Owing to recent developments in quantum mechanics, we can postulate that it is possible to know the effects of absent causes; that is, speaking metaphorically, effects may anticipate causes so that our perception of them may precede the physical occurrence of a ``cause.'' The hypothesis that challenges our conventional conception of linear time and causality and that asserts the possibility of time's reversal also raises the question of the degree to which the concept of “time's arrow'' is inherent in all scientific theory. If these experiments are successful, the conclusions about the way time as ``clock-time'' has been constituted historically will be open to question. “

Renseiw practising the Halloween rites on the doorstep, speculating on Halloween spoofs: A.Sokal’s brilliant inlay (2) and O.Welles air-waved descriptions of the world. Trick and treat yourself here or click on the window.

Metaphors help eliminate what separates

….“We’re not metaphors. “I know,” I say. “But metaphors help eliminate what separates you and me.” A faint smile comes to her as she looks up at me. “That’s the oddest pickup line I’ve ever heard.” “There’re a lot of odd things going on—but I feel like I’m slowly getting closer to the truth.” “Actually getting closer to a metaphorical truth? Or metaphorically getting closer to an actual truth? Or maybe they supplement each other?” “Either way, I don’t think I can stand the sadness I feel right now,” I tell her. “I feel the same way.”….

Kamura conversing Miss Saeki. Sam R. visualizes something feline, the Shinto way, Kafka on the shore, cut-up from Chris Marker.
Miaw here or doubleclick the cats.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

To give form its own norm, again

“….These images are direct theory in the processes of the material working through the symptoms of spraypaint, the production of living signs, neither representational, metaphorical or symbolic. In their stress and distress they materialise a relationship between the restless abstracted flow of sound and image trace and more psychic disturbances. They concretise the possibility of a direct connection between lived experience, memory, the physical processes of making and the experience of viewing. There is an inscription of conditions that are conflicting and abstracted. Viewing can become a restless, nervy experience producing cognitive conditions that share the symptoms of some of theses coatings…” (1)

Sam R’s multi-layered quotes. Including Öyvind Fahlström and a humble homage to Dirk de Bruyn.Enter the spray chamber or click here for some color layers.

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How I filmed some of my videos

“….Since Space is fixed around us, in order to explore it we must move in the vehicle of Duration. In kinematics Duration plays the part of an independent variable, of which the coordinates of the points considered are a function. Kinematics is a geometry in which events have neither past nor future. The fact that we create that distinction proves that we are carried along through them…”

A short view of a mechanistic punning device, probably shaped after Raymond Roussel’s perpetuum mobile engines. A Sam Renseiw enlightment, in patacolor. engage the machine or clik here to hear...

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Exhibiting the lamination of sensations

" The productive mind which for the Romantics was at the root of experience had its prototype in Kant's doctrine on how forms of identity and experience depend on mind's synthetic activity. The Romantics generalized from the 'internal' movement of that synthesis in order to describe a movement encompassing mind's activity in the world. Thus generalized, even the synthesis of experience's self-identity is understood as a moment of willing symptomatic of mind's productivity. The continuity which confirms a will as an identity is then found in the direction of its past, while the potential for discontinuity which confirms a will as autonomous - free - is found in the direction of its future. For the Romantics, ideas themselves demonstrated mind's autonomy as a creative transcendence toward the future. Husserl and Dilthey instead encountered the mind's productivity through its movement of perceptive and interpretive conformation with what is given as a flow of presence. For them, Mind moved beyond not as toward the openness of a future, but as into a presence which shows itself as more than can at once be held. In this way, phenomenology and hermeneutics exhibit Mind's transcending movement not as an autonomy expressed toward the future, but as submission found through immersion in presence. "

A hefty Renseiw visual, in all its simplicity with Yokos voice-over. See it here, or touch the shape on the image.
You might have guessed the chair, seat being pressed.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Eliza, or the difficulties of conversation

“..Argumentation schemes, which capture stereotypical patterns of human reasoning, have the potential to play a fundamental role in structuring communication between filming processes. In order for this potential to be realized, however, substantial work needs to be carried out in building a formal system to represent argumentation schemes, which can then be used as a bridge between the philosophical research and the computational demands of image implementation… This short video involves novel work in both philosophy and ‘pataphysics..”

Well, just ask Eliza. Sam R. muses, thinking of all the hassles Joseph Weizenbaum had after creating his Pygmalian artificial interlocutor.
Click here or on Eliza to view the conversation from "Han Den Det"

Exits and Entrances

“…Covent Garden at 11.15 p.m. Torrents of heavy summer rain. Cab whistles blowing frantically in all directions. Pedestrians running for shelter into the market and under the portico of St. Paul's Church, where there are already several people, among them a lady and her daughter in evening dress. They are all peering out gloomily at the rain, except one man with his back turned to the rest, who seems wholly preoccupied with a notebook in which he is writing busily...”

A Pygmalion connection. A Renseiw preview for short postings coming soon on Patalab. Click here to enter (or exit)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Because, like a football

Stigmatism occurs when the cornea is shaped more like an oblong football than a spherical baseball, which is the normal shape. In most astigmatic eyes, the oblong or oval shape causes light rays to focus on two points in the back of your eye, rather than on just one. This is because, like a football, an astigmatic cornea has a steeper curve and a flatter one. Usually astigmatism is hereditary: many people are born with an oblong cornea, and the resulting vision problem may get worse over time. But astigmatism may also result from an eye injury that has caused scarring on the cornea, from certain types of eye surgery, or from videotoconus, excessive video viewing, causing a gradual thinning of the cornea.

A seemingly blurred view of the world; a short Renseiw astigmatic illustration, with singing. Enter here or on the cornea view above.

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